• PVC Windows

    PVC Windows

    PVC windows and doors are manufactured by using ecologically clean – plumb free, KBE system profile with high indicator for heat insulation and load endurance, that can be adjusted to almost any building criteria in [...]

  • Wood windows

    Wood windows

    Our technological equipment is one of the most advanced in Europe, therefore, we may ensure short order fulfilment deadlines and high quality. We select suppliers of raw materials with special care: New generation fittings are made using [...]

  • Oak Floor

    Oak Floor

    Oak (Quercus robur) is mainly found in central and southern Europe. It also grows in the Baltic countries, southern  Estonia and Latvia where the more extreme climatic conditions produce a denser consistency of 750 [...]

  • Renovation


    Renovation of living room and kitchen Living rooms and kitchens renovation in a private house in the Alps, France.

  • Interior Doors

    Interior Doors

    We offer wide variety of natural veneered custom made interior doors. Our doors are no just doors, they bring the flair and ambience in any room. The package includes: leaf, box, apmales, sealing, harwdware, and glazing You [...]

The company produces a wide range of plastic windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, glass constructions and windowsills, provides services of both production and installation according to the client’s wishes. Project evaluation and substantiation analysis is our main value.

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