Wooden frame houses

In the production of wooden frame houses we offer a full range of services:

  • Consulting

We offer a consult from our professionals to understand clients needs and expectations from project and to be able to come up with the best solution for your wooden frame house.

  • Design

House design can be developed from an idea of a client or we can design it from a scratch according to clients wishes. Designing process for each house is individual and customised for each and every house.

  • Technical drawings

Precise planning of a house structure is a ground for a successful project. Surroundings, space, directions of windows and doors etc. are discussed with a client to create a technical drawing that matches the design and overall idea of a house.

  • Manufacturing

Using the “Hundegger” automatic mill, which delivers outstanding accuracy, provides ability to make a perfect live replica of a technical drawing and a perfect fit of every piece in it.

  • Installation

The end process of installation requires a team of professionals in every field mentioned above and that is what describes Alpine Renovation. Our team will take care of precise and stable house installation process to ensure the wanted outcome of your new house.


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